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Joint Conference of Librarians of Color

The Joint Conference of Librarians of Color is a conference for everyone! The conference is co-sponsored, planned, organized, promoted and presented by the five National Associations of Librarians of Color (NALCo):

The Joint Council of Librarians of Color Inc. (JCLC Inc.), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, serves as the fiscal agent and resource advisory supporter of the Conference.

JCLC brings together a diverse group of librarians, library staff, library supporters, and community participants to explore issues of diversity in libraries and how they affect the communities of color that use our services.

JCLC is a unique and unparalleled opportunity for participants to share successes, opportunities, and challenges while networking and attending programs on pressing issues affecting both librarians and communities of color.

JCLC strives to deepen connections across constituencies, create spaces for dialogue, promote the telling and celebrating of one’s stories, and encourage the transformation of libraries into more democratic and diverse organizations.

The conference includes speakers, skills-building workshops, research-based panels, networking opportunities, and exhibits. In addition, JCLC deepens connections across constituencies and beyond, and unifies and strengthens the voices of each association.

JCLC 2022 in St. Pete Beach, Florida, follows the first gathering in 2006 in Dallas, Texas, the second in 2012 in Kansas City, Missouri, and the third in 2018 in Albuquerque, New Mexico.