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Outreach Librarianship: A Valuable Key to Equitable, Diverse, and Inclusive Services
8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. $120 Box Lunch Included

Presenter: Rosa Granado, High Plains Library District
Co-Presenter(s): Amy Ortiz, High Plains Library District; Carolyn Valencia, High Plains Library District; Rick Medrano, High Plains Library District

Outreach Librarianship is often misunderstood within our profession. This leads to libraries not fully developing avenues of equity, diversity, and inclusion particular to library services. This session will not only explore Outreach Librarianship in all of its facets, but it will demonstrate what Outreach Librarianship looks like as well as the value it holds in regard to EDI. Additionally, this session will give attendees tools to help build their Outreach in ways that can better impact their communities. The session will be delivered in sections to explore foundations, systems, data, and tools. Most importantly, it will allow attendees to troubleshoot and brainstorm with presenters about some of the difficult issues they may be facing in their own library systems. The attendees will explore service to immigrants, refugees, rural communities, and many other communities that face barriers to service and who are traditionally underserved, in addition to, learning about the symbiotic relationship between Outreach librarianship and equity, diversity, and inclusion.

We all want to serve our patrons in equitable, diverse, and inclusive ways, but we often face roadblocks that do not allow us to do this. At the High Plains Library District, we have learned that the solution is often found in Outreach Librarianship where the ALA defined focus of Outreach librarians is the service of patrons who are traditionally underserved or who face barriers to library service. In this workshop, attendees will have a chance to work with presenters who have over 40 years of library experience, with 30 of those years in Outreach. Together, this team has helped grow the High Plains Library District Outreach Department from eight staff members to over 20 and has revamped what Outreach looks like in our library system. Attendees will learn the foundations of Outreach Librarianship, the importance of EDI in Outreach, what successful Outreach Librarianship looks like, about resources and tools for Outreach, and will have a chance to work through issues they are facing or questions they have about Outreach in their library system



Gathering for Action! – How to make the best of my Residency Experience
8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. $120 Box Lunch Included

Presenter: Gerald Holmes, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Co-Presenter(s): Michael Crumpton, University of North Carolina at Greensboro; Wanda Brown, Winston-Salem State University; Jerome Offord, Jr., Harvard University

In August 2018 and August 2019, the University of North Carolina at Greensboro hosted the ACRL Diversity Alliance Institute. It was an opportunity for Residents from all over the United States to meet other Residents and learn about ways to make the best of their Residency Experience. In this program, residents will learn more about the onboarding process, the cohort experience, mentoring, leadership, and listen to former Residents (panel) discuss how they used the experience of their Residency to prepare them to be competitive when entering the job market.

The preconference will consist of program content and presenters who are ready to share with new professionals. This session will help residents work with Library organizations to be ready to assist the people of color that they recruit into the library profession.

We hope to provide insight for librarians of color who may have the following questions:

  • How can Residency programs help retain and prepare early career librarians for many years of service in Libraries?

  • Learn how to network with colleagues to lead to support systems?

  • Learn how to get the most from your mentors?

The preconference will share ideas and answer questions from the audience.


Cultivating Racial Equity in California Libraries: Results, Processes, Relationships and Next Steps
8:30 a.m. – 12 noon $60

Presenter: Patty Wong, City Librarian, City of Santa Clara; Co-Creator of CREI
Co- Presenters: Chantel Walker, Assistant Director, Marin County Free Library; Co-Creator of CREI, Julie Rusk; EDI and Community Wellness Champion; John MacLeod, CEO, XRLibraries

After 2 years of work together, CREI has produced results, crafted library specific approaches to racial equity internal and public operations; and now envisions next steps to strengthen this movement in libraries and deeply engage with the ‘publics’ we serve. This program will be an interactive session led by library staff and community partner organizations. Participants will hear from the panel for about 30 minutes cumulatively and the session design will include online polls through Mentimeter, table discussion and Q&A. The program will have a look back segment as well as a look forward to furthering racial equity in Libraries and library service delivery approaches.

Session Outline

  • Welcome, Panel Introductions and the Why We Each Invest our Time and Talents in EDI Work through Libraries

  • CREI 2019 – 2021: Results, Processes, Relationships and Next Steps

  • National and International Implications

  • National Next Steps in Building the Field of Practice for EDI in Libraries

    • Towards a CREI Movement in Libraries Nationally

    • Roadmapping Progress Toward EDI

    • Starting Points and Milestone Playbook

    • Community Engagment and Wellness through an EDI Lens

  • Tech Innovation meets EDI: Lost Stories Invigorate Community Conversations and build Teen Skills with XR, story content development and animation

Identify your Super-Power: Developing Self-Compassion and Grit when faced with Workplace Turmoil
 4:30 p.m. $60

Presenter: S.Michele Echols, SSCHS
Co-Presenters: Charmaine Ashby, Literacy Nation

How can librarians of color take care of themselves in these challenging times? What tools and practices do you need to continue to manage your life and career? During this interactive pre-conference workshop, participants will:

  • Examine the challenges they are facing.

  • Learn how mindfulness tools can help them manage their current challenges.

  • Discover the true essence of self-care is twofold: it involves self-knowledge and
    positive self-talk.

  • Be Actively engaged by using hands-on activities to foster learning.